Announcing Upgraded Pipe Planner Web-Based Irrigation Application



 New functionality now allows growers to create the most efficient irrigation systems for rice fields

Delta Plastics, the leading manufacturer and supplier of irrigation polytube for the agriculture industry, announces Pipe Planner 3.0, an upgrade of the company’s irrigation management software. In addition to improved row crop irrigation planning, the improved user-friendly, web-based application is now able to help rice growers create the most efficient polytube irrigation system through multiple inlet rice irrigation (MIRI).

Since its introduction, Pipe Planner’s innovative program has worked to dramatically reduce irrigation time, water usage, and energy costs for growers through uniform water application across fields. Delta Plastics estimates the average water and energy savings to be 30 to 50 percent when using Pipe Planner.

“The new enhanced version of Pipe Planner is based largely on grower input and provides irrigation solutions to both row crop needs and the unique challenges of rice crops,” said Sean Whiteley, CEO. “Together these improvements make it an even more integral part of the grower workflow.”

In addition to Pipe Planner’s new look and MIRI capabilities, other improvements include advancements in its ability to create designs for levee fields and more complicated furrow fields, a streamlined workflow, enriched mapping features, and additional tools for designing irrigation sets.

Pipe Planner is the cornerstone of Delta Plastics’
H2O Initiative launched in 2014 as a regional effort for water conservation to reduce irrigation water use within the Mississippi Delta by 20 percent by 2020. As part of the initiative, Pipe Planner includes a free and easy on-line sign-up to all growers in Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Missouri, Tennessee and Texas. Pipe Planner requires minimal training, and farmers may contact their local Delta Plastics distributor to obtain simple access to the program.


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