Plastics We Accept

Recycling Other Agricultural Plastics

Through our patented cleaning process, we can effectively recycle a wide variety of heavily soiled polyethylene agricultural materials, including:
  • Polytube
  • Silage bags
  • Silage bunker/pile cover sheeting
  • Greenhouse film (view video here or below)

Our proprietary cleaning system enables us to convert all the plastic we process into post-consumer resin that is the cleanest, most consistent and highest-performing PCR in the market – all SCS-certified 100% recycled content. This recycled material is then used to make our EPA-compliant Revolution Bag trash can liners. We also sell our PCR to the plastics industry for use in other products.

Greenhouse Film Roller Demonstration 



For more information about how you can recycle other ag-related products, contact our customer service department at or 800-277-9172.