Recycle Your Used Polytube

Recycle Your Used PolytubeWe offer two convenient options for recycling used polytube.

On-Farm Collection Site

Our fleet of specially equipped collection trucks and expert drivers will pick up used tubing in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, and parts of Texas.

We will pick up your used polytube for FREE (15-roll minimum) at your designated on-farm collection site. 

Your collection site will be identified with an official sign that is available in several sizes

Recycle Your Used PolytubeDelta Plastics Collection Site

Drop-off at any official Delta Plastics polytube collection site is FREE of charge.

How to Prepare Your Used Polytube

  • Prepare polytube to be recycled by rolling it tightly into rolls at least 20'' in diameter using a polytube retriever or by baling it into large squares. 
  • Rolls should be secured with rope, tape, polytube or shrink-wrap to prevent unrolling -- wood/plastic cores may be left in the center of rolls.
  • Because of the handling costs involved in recycling polytube, we cannot accept small, loose or spaghetti-style rolls of polytube. 
For more information or to schedule your polytube collection contact us at: 800.277.9172 or or complete the form on our recyling web page here.

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