Delta Plastics H20 Initiative

The Delta Plastics H20 Initiative will:

  • Provide Pipe Planner free to all farmers
  • Create a broad coalition of public and private entities focused on improving efficient use of irrigation water in the Mississippi Delta
  • Host educational forums for farmers, extension agents, and private consultants focused on Pipe Planner implementation
  • Allow participants to collaborate on the most efficient water use practices

View this and other videos on the Pipe Planner YouTube Channel here:

Multiple Inlet Rice Irrigation (MIRI)
Learn more about efficient irrigation for rice using Pipe Planner. 

Delta Plastics H2O Initiative


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Our Proud Partners

Arkansas Corn and Grain Sorghum Promotion Board
United Sorghum Checkoff Program
Agricultural Council of Arkansas
AgHeritage Farm Credit Services
Mississippi Natural Resource Conservation Service
Arkansas Natural Resource Conservation Service
Arkansas Game and Fish Commission
Delta Wildlife
Arkansas Natural Resources Commission
Mississippi State University
University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture
Arkansas Agriculture Department
Louisiana State University (LSU) AgCenter  
Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board
Tri State Soybean Forum
Delta F.A.R.M
Delta Council
The Nature Conservancy
Arkansas Farm Bureau
Mid-South Soybean Board (AR/LA/TX/MO/MS)
Arkansas Soybean Association
Arkansas Rice Federation
Natural Soybean and Grain Alliance
Arkansas Association of Conservation Districts
Louisiana Cotton and Grain

Save Water, Save Money, Save Time

How to Use Pipe Planner

Delta Plastics H2O Initiative

This free web-based irrigation tool is easy to use and will help you improve your irrigation efficiency.

  • Collect your Field Data
  • Input your data through the easy to use web-based program
  • Implement the irrigation design provided by Pipe Planner

Key Features of Pipe Planner

  • Creates detailed maps with field data
  • Calculate best hole size for uniform water application
  • Creates predictable irrigation times to minimize water use
  • Access data anytime

Pipe Planner includes a free and easy online sign-up and requires minimal training. Farmers may also contact their local Delta Plastics Distributor to obtain easy access to Pipe Planner.

For more information, email: or visit the

Media Kit

Click here to open the Delta Plastics H2O initiative Media Kit on Dropbox.

Get Involved

For more information about the Delta Plastics H20 Initiative or to become a stakeholder partner, please contact Matt Lindsey at or 800.277.9172.