Half mile pipe still matt with half mile tractor and half mile with water shooting-1


  • Convenient longer length saves time and effort
    - Less trips made to pick up and set up polytube rolls mean more time to spend elsewhere
    - 4 rolls conveniently fit a standard polytube roller
  • Increase irrigation efficiency with uniform water application for your field
    Available in 12" and 15" diameter to help maximize your field's potential.
  • Use Pipe Planner with Half Mile Polytube -- www.pipeplanner.com
    - Helps you make the best selections for your irrigation and energy management needs
    - Develops personalized, practical solutions that can increase your profits and conserve natural resources
  • Preserve our farmlands
    Commitment to the environment is the cornerstone of Delta Plastics’ closed-loop production and recycling process.
    - Revolution Half Mile Polytube is recyclable by Delta Plastics
    - Download the Delta Plastics Spotter App or call 800.277.9172 to inquire about recycling
  • Call 1-800-277-9172 to find out more about our NEW Revolution Half Mile Polytube