Delta Plastics' Irrigation Resource Division provides reliable technical information and extensive, informed analysis to maximize the effectiveness of your farm's irrigation water. Our expertise and on-farm knowledge allow us to provide the assistance you need to make the best selections for your irrigation and energy management needs.

Our specialists are dedicated to working directly with you to develop personalized practical solutions that can increase your profits AND conserve natural resources.

Crop Irrigation

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Polytube Installation Guidelines

Polytube Installation Guidelines - English Polytube Installation Guidelines - English (2918 KB)

Polytube Installation Guidelines - Portuguese Polytube Installation Guidelines - Portuguese (3341 KB)

Polytube Installation Guidelines - Spanish Polytube Installation Guidelines - Spanish (3335 KB)

EZConnect Flexible Polytube Fittings

EZConnect EZConnect (308 KB)

Flow Capacity

Characteristics & Flow Capacity - CFS Characteristics & Flow Capacity - CFS (309 KB)

Characteristics Flow Capacity (GPM) Characteristics Flow Capacity (GPM) (220 KB)

Flow Capacity - Portuguese Flow Capacity - Portuguese (19 KB)

Flow Capacity - Spanish Flow Capacity - Spanish (19 KB)

Flow Estimates for Holes - (CFM) Flow Estimates for Holes - (CFM) (429 KB)

Flow Estimates for Holes - (GPM) Flow Estimates for Holes - (GPM) (442 KB)


Polytube Sizes Polytube Sizes (276 KB)

Polytube SKU Polytube SKU (213 KB)

Specifications - Portuguese Specifications - Portuguese (16 KB)

Specifications - Spanish Specifications - Spanish (16 KB)

Estimating Set Times

Conserving Irrigation Water in the Southern Region Conserving Irrigation Water in the Southern Region (2293 KB)

Estimating Acres Irrigated - CFS Estimating Acres Irrigated - CFS (239 KB)

Estimating Acres Irrigated - GPM Estimating Acres Irrigated - GPM (235 KB)

Other Documents

Polytube Issues and Tips Polytube Issues and Tips (485 KB)

Polytube Accessories Polytube Accessories (243 KB)

PVC Underground Irrigation Pipe Sizing Cost for PVC Pipe Friction Loss (298 KB)

Estimating and Comparing Pumping Costs Calculating & Comparing Irrigation Pumping Cost (316 KB)