H2O/Pipe Planner

Delta Plastics Pipe Planner is an easy-to-use, web-based application designed to help you create the most efficient irrigation system for your row crops. Simply input easily obtained information about your field, well, and polytube; Pipe Planner will provide a design that maximizes your field’s potential for achieving uniform water application. www.pipeplanner.com

Increased SavingsDelta Pipe Planner

- 25% average reduction in water usage

- 25% average reduction in associated energy costs

- Labor costs are reduced

More Accurate Planning

- Details field layout with easy-to-use maps

- Determines best polytube size and estimates watering times

- Provides precise hole size and location details

Improved Efficiency

- Distributes water evenly down furrows

- Reduces excess water runoff

- Design irrigation plans quickly and save them for future use

To learn more about Pipe Planner offerings and how you can begin maximizing your field’s potential, contact a Delta Plastics representative today at mlindsey@deltaplastics.com or 800-277-9172.

Click www.pipeplanner.com to see more.